Video content for Sensolus


Sales videos at the Sensolus office

Video content marketing

A picture is worth a thousand words. And a moving image maybe more than ten thousand words? Video content marketing enabled Sensolus to use their expertise connected asset management can be explained in an accessible way. Not only do videos come across as more reliable and credible than written text, they're also loved by search engines, attract a wide audience, are suitable for sharing on any platform, and empower you thought leadership to wear out. Conclusion: In the ongoing battle for your audience's attention, you can't ignore video content marketing.

Ready to shoot... Action!

Sensolus, specialized in end-to-end asset tracking solutions via IoT, was at the heart of our video content marketing service. In one day, 14 videos were shot. Good time management and careful preparation were the keys to success. During the preparations - coming up with ideas, writing scripts and briefing sellers - Sensolus highlighted four themes as key topics in their most important markets: transport and logistics, manufacturing, waste treatment, and rental/fleet management. The viewer is thus thematically drawn into the story.

To record the videos, Evoke facilitated camera, sound and lighting equipment and an experienced crew. The Sensolus office was transformed into a film set. Thanks to good cooperation with the Sensolus marketing and sales team, the shoot was a great success.

A win-win situation

After careful video editing incorporating feedback from Sensolus, the sales managers of the Ghent scale-up received the final videos to share on their personal LinkedIn profiles. In Dutch, French, German and English. On the one hand, this is an authentic and convenient way to introduce yourself to future customers. On the other hand, the videos increase employee engagement with the company. So it's a win-win for Sensolus, both internally and externally.

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