Creating buzz for a historic concert series though targeted media outreach


Brand awareness and strategic communication

In March, Evoke PR was approached by renowned conductor Jan Caeyers to handle the announcement press release for the Call for Peace concert series, celebrating the 200th anniversary of Beethoven's 9th Symphony. Despite the initial outreach, the press release did not gain the anticipated traction in the media.

Switching strategies

In April, as the premiere of the concert series commenced at the Koningin Elisabethzaal, ticket sales were slower than anticipated. Recognizing the need for a different approach, we shifted the focus of the media pitch to highlight the historical significance of Beethoven's 9th Symphony and its 200th anniversary. Meanwhile, we positioned Jan Caeyers as the Belgian expert on all things Beethoven. This strategic pivot proved successful.

Targeted media outreach

We targeted quality media outlets, particularly those with a readership of classical music enthusiasts and cultural connoisseurs. The main challenge was twofold: boosting ticket sales and raising awareness of the Call for Peace project. Journalists with a history of covering Jan Caeyers were contacted, ensuring a warm reception and genuine interest in the concert series. By emphasizing the historical and cultural importance of the 9th Symphony, Evoke effectively resonated with the intended audience—classical music aficionados and Beethoven enthusiasts. At the same time, the media coverage also reached an audience not that familiar with classical music.

Results and Impact

The revised approach led to a surge in media coverage. Interviews and articles in high-quality outlets such as De Standaard, De Tijd (Sabato) and VRT / Het Journaal Laat quickly raised the concert series' profile, resulting in tickets selling out a week before the concert on May 13th. This case exemplifies how strategic reorientation and targeted media engagement can successfully drive journalistic interest and accompanying sales.

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