What we do

As a communication agency specialized in press relations and content marketing, we support both local and international companies active in the technology, industry or automotive sectors. You can learn more about our expertise via the buttons below or by reading through some of our customer cases.

Meet the team

Evoke consists of a team of talented public relations and content specialists. We stand for a direct and personal approach. Get to know every team member through the short introductions below. A first impression that might soon translate into a pleasant cooperation

Corneel Haine

Managing partner

Father of three, married to Riet. Relation status with Brussels: it's complicated. Runner, cyclist and neo darts player. He's our networKING.

Jesse Huybrechts

Managing partner

Has a way with words. Why jog when you can run? Loves harmony, in music and in life.

Veerle Wijsgeer

PR Director

Always going the extra mile. Food & Italy lover. PR wizard. Teamplayer. (Media) Relation builder.

Mattias Goossens


Metaphor master and alliteration adept. Music journalist. Vinyl collector. Board game enthusiast. Owner of too many flamboyant shirts.

Steffy Bruyninx

PR Consultant

Social media queen. Linguist at heart. Euphemism for perfectionist. Enjoys drawing. Dachshund owner. Puts up the Christmas tree in November.

Paul Geens

Senior PR Consultant

Nature boy in the city. Avid Arsenal FC fan, Leonard Cohen lover and House of Houser. Polyglot with a thing for Português and Napuletan’. Achtung baby.

Elias Albrecht

PR Consultant

Passion for cycling and sports in general. Not afraid to use his storytelling skills at the poker table. Made a promise to himself to write a book.

Caitlin Muyllaert

PR Consultant

Avid syncronic reader (with friends). Self-proclaimed content creator. House plant killer. Happier when teaming up. Car karaoke lover. Coffee, anyone?


Mood Guard

Always ready to make my fellow colleagues happy. Huge fan of doggy dental. Not a fan of obstruction of my morning, noon and afternoon naps. Pronounce the word “walk” and I’m already there.

What we stand for

Transparency: If a pr idea won’t work, we will say so. If it should have, but it didn’t, we will genuinely tell you why. Also, through clear activity and clipping reporting, you know exactly what you pay for and what the results of our support are. It’s this openness and honesty that has allowed us to build as many long term relationships with our customers, which in turn lead to mutual understanding and an ever increasing added value.

Approachability: We see ourselves as a pr extension of your internal communications team. We don’t hide behind quotes, small letters or ifs and buts. We are approachable, available and always look to build a personal and human connection. In doing so, we are not only able to act quickly when opportunities arise, it also helps to build trust in our customer relationships and to set your mind at ease with the knowledge that we have got you covered.

Drive: Our team is devoted. To you as the customer but also to our profession, to the job at hand and the promise of achieving results. We will keep digging to deliver the added value we set out to achieve. And if need be, we’ll look to other pr paths that lead to the exposure we had set our minds to. Also, our proactive approach through newsjacking or insights into media calendars enables us to deliver results even before you expect them.

Inclusiveness: At Evoke we value team spirit and the opportunity and freedom for every team member to be themselves and thrive in an environment that allows them to be the best they can be. This mix of ideas and the ability to share and connect also translates into an added value for you, as the knowledge, insights and experiences of each and every one of us is shared constantly, making Evoke as a pr partner better than the sum of its parts.