PR for (new) technology industry

Technology has always been the backbone of our PR expertise. Ever since Evoke’s founder Corneel started his career in PR in 2004 and discovered the ins and outs ofpushing the brands of household names in the national and international tech scene through the power of media relations, the sector would never seize to shape the expertise of our team.

After Evoke was founded in 2016, through the years more and more tech companies flocked together to get a taste of our knowhow of tech PR. In doing so they further shaped our experience, allowing our people to truly grasp the many different niches, specializations and trends that make up the vibrant tech industry, such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, blockchain, telecommunications, Internet of Things and hyperautomation, and really get to know the journalists and media that report on these topics on a personal level.

Benelux tech companies

You could say that our knowledge of and expertise in tech PR today is somewhat the result of a self fulfilling prophecy, with an ever growing client portfolio strengthening our knowledge over time, which leads to happy customers, who in turn like to recommend our support to other businesses through word of mouth. As a result, we now are the go-to agency for tech companies in the Benelux and we are very proud to call ourselves that.

Maybe you now find yourself on our website because someone urged you to have a look and benefit from our services yourself? Or maybe the many tech cases you find here are making waves online, leading you here in an online search for quality PR support? In any case, our tech roots go deep. We are happy you stumbled over them and would be glad to tell you more on how we go about our business. Who knows, maybe we will take each other to new heights in the near future. Let’s talk!