Survey-based PR for Multipharma


Creating added value from Multipharma’s patient survey

Survey as a PR tool

With online (para)pharmacies becoming ever more popular, Multipharma, Belgium’s largest pharmacy cooperative, wanted to (re-)establish itself as the go-to physical pharmacy, underlining the added value of a personal bond with one’s pharmacist as a trusted, full-fledged healthcare provider. To do so, they tasked research firm iVox with conducting a survey on what patients expect from their pharmacist. Evoke was then tasked with sharing the findings of this survey and getting the Multipharma message out.

Making the numbers count

If there’s one thing journalists love more than free food and thoroughly written press releases with high resolution imagery, it’s usable and trustable numbers. Be it absolute numbers, rankings, graphs or percentages: numbers often speak louder than words. That’s why it was our task to make the numbers from the survey count. In our press release and pitch, we incorporated as many relevant numbers from the survey as possible, as well as details such as the exact period and methodology of the data collection, the sample size and the representativeness.

Trustworthy thought leadership

Interviews were conducted with a whole host of media, from general and business press (Le Soir, L’Echo) to specialised outlets such as De Apotheker and Sharing a survey with the press that is conducted by an established research firm, positions your organisation as a trustworthy thought leader. Multipharma aims to turn the survey into a recurring study, which in turn allows journalists to compare yearly results and look for trends and evolutions. This can possibly generate more news coverage, in which the study and Multipharma’s brand will be mentioned.

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