Start-up launch Cascador Health


One shot, one opportunity, twenty articles!

One-off pr campaign for Cascador Health

As the word 'relations' suggests, PR is a long-term game. But in the game of PR, hard news remains king. That's why we were happy to help Belgian medtech start-up Cascador Health when they approached us for a one-off campaign. The goal: to generate maximum media attention for their latest round of funding and takeover.

A unique platform for the secure exchange of European health data

After selling Be-Mobile to Proximus, co-founder and co-CEO Philip Taillieu launched a new (ad)venture by setting up Cascador Health: a unique platform that allows the secure release and consultation of medical data by third parties in order to exploit their full potential.

After all, healthcare providers and institutions such as hospitals have enormous amounts of data sets, containing valuable information from patient records, hospital laboratories, pharmacy and billing data. All this medical data is an important source of knowledge, for example for the development of new medicines and for improving the quality and performance of healthcare in general. However, due to a number of practical barriers, such as compliance, this potential remains largely untapped. To overcome these obstacles and unlock the full potential of our collective health data, Cascador Health developed a unique platform that makes it possible for third parties to access and valorise this mountain of medical data in a privacy-compliant, secure and transparent manner.

To further validate the platform and continue the company's European expansion, Cascador in 2022 completed a major funding round while also acquiring CORTS AG, a comparable Swiss player. In doing so, the start-up confirmed its position as a European pioneer in this field, which will receive an important boost once the European Health Data Area is a reality.

An effective PR campaign to put Cascador on the map

Our goal was clear: to introduce Cascador Health and their mission to the Belgian public, while spreading the news about their funding round and acquisition. The way to do that? Generate maximum exposure, from the country's major economic and financial outlets to mainstream media and specialised medical press.

Result: twenty publications, in Belgium and beyond

Through an expertly written press release and tailored pitching to various relevant media, we were able to secure no fewer than 20 publications, including a series of Tier 1 publications such as L'Echo, La Libre Belgique, Trends, MediQuality and

Icing on the cake: in the aftermath of our press round, major EU outlets Politico and Science Business also reached out to us for comment on the European Health Data Space.

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