PR retainer for Workday


Guiding Workday’s PR and marketing efforts

Content creation & PR Support

Workday, a leader in enterprise cloud applications for finance and Human Resources, benefits from a multifaceted approach to bolster its brand visibility through our PR and marketing strategies. Our PR efforts for Workday encompass a wide range of methods. We craft press releases, create engaging blogs, and develop compelling newspaper stories. Additionally, we proactively seek interview opportunities in anticipation of Workday’s key annual events - Elevate and Rising. This concerted effort has led to noteworthy coverage in both mainstream newspapers and specialized trade magazines, expanding Workday's reach and influence.

Social media engagement

In tandem with our PR initiatives, we curate diverse content for Workday's Benelux LinkedIn page, engaging its substantial base of 858,000+ followers. Through multiple weekly posts, we highlight Workday's initiatives, partner events, and share existing articles and blogs from the website. Furthermore, we create content to enable Workday employees to effortlessly share updates on their personal profiles, enhancing Workday's visibility across platforms. In an environment increasingly driven by 'pay to play' models across media platforms, our collaboration in closing commercial deals contributes to fostering positive relationships and aligns with PR objectives. Primarily, we contribute by crafting articles and blogs within these commercial arrangements and provide guidance during interviews as needed. This collaborative approach strengthens Workday's market presence and aligns PR and marketing objectives effectively.

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