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Building trust for Swappie

Product testing

Trust is an important factor in the buying process of any product or service. After all, what better way to testify to the great customer experience and functionalities of a product than by someone who has tested it with their own hands? That’s why we focus on product testing by independent journalists and influencers for Swappie, the leading European online store selling refurbished iPhones.

Product testing

Through extensive reviews by journalists the general public gets a better view on the advantages of refurbished smartphones, such as the price, the durability and the choice for sustainability. As this concept is still relatively new on the market, most Belgians still have their doubts about refurbished iPhones. Journalists’ hands-on experiences illustrate what exactly makes Swappie’s products a reliable choice. PR is still mostly associated with the written media, but in these modern times the balance is shifting. The possibilities are endless. As such, we don’t only reach out to traditional press, but also to new media players, such as the big tech video content creator and YouTuber eDavy who tested Swappie's iPhone 11 Pro. He shared his experience via a Youtube video and on his blog, where his articles are regularly a source of inspiration for other journalists.

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