PR retainer for Siemens


Long-term PR partnership with industrial powerhouse Siemens

Ongoing pr support

Siemens is a household name in the tech industry. For almost a decade, Evoke has been helping Siemens to position itself as a pioneer and champion of sustainable solutions, continuing to drive the messaging of this industrial powerhouse in the Belgian market.

One of our oldest and most loyal clients

Siemens AG is a technology company with various focus fields: industry, infrastructure, logistics, mobility, healthcare... By combining the physical and digital world, Siemens offers its customers opportunities to transform their business sectors and markets, helping them improve the daily lives of billions of people. Evoke has helped Siemens to spread the word about its durable solutions with trade journals and the general public since 2014, making it one of our oldest and most loyal clients. As PR specialists, we know their communication needs inside out, supporting various divisions from Energy over Smart infrastructure and Mobility to Digital Industries.

Across these various fields, we prioritise the durable and ecological aspects of the Siemens solutions in our PR strategy. 

From pr support to video and corporate campaigns

By highlighting these elements, we assure that the company’s core message is heard, supporting Siemens in its mission to deliver outstanding and high-performing technology and products that will revolutionise the world. This is done through press releases, by elaborating on diverse customer stories and setting up interviews, and, as of 2022, with video content too. Our most recent press conference on Siemens' eHighways solutions, for example, was a big hit with articles in newspapers such as HLN. Furthermore, we also set up campaigns at corporate level: Little Innovators for instance, in which the children of Siemens employees get the opportunity to step into their parents' shoes through interactive workshops, motivating them to pursue a career in engineering of their own.

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