PR retainer for RoboRana


Supporting RoboRana through rapid growth and transitions

Long-term PR support

RoboRana Group consists of several units, all with their own specialisation, such as rapid process automation, AI, or data management. The expert in process automation started under the wings of The Cronos Group, and has now also expanded to the Netherlands. For its PR and content support, RoboRana relies on Evoke in both Belgium and the Netherlands.

Long-term support

Over the years, working closely together with the RoboRana business units, Evoke has seen the scale-up grow to-size. Throughout the years, we have pitched extensive interviews, secured award nominations, created a 6-episode long video series, crafted thought leadership articles and insightful blogs, developed case studies and testimonials and assisted on white papers. Shining light on the innovative work of the scale-up and its truly digital ecosystem has contributed to the name recognition in its sector.

Staying innovative

RoboRana’s outward-facing and technologically innovative approach, has allowed to keep developing new stories, new angles and stay relevant within the media landscape. Hypes like RPA, hyperautomation, AI and the concept of an Autonomous Enterprise have not only shaped RoboRana’s business practices, but also their media approach. In order to stay up-to-date, we continuously sharpen our messages, making sure they reflect the scale-up in transition.

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