PR retainer for Hysopt


Reaching a new audience for Hysopt

Brand building and awareness

Hysopt has developed a unique software solution to optimize HVAC installations (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). To increase brand awareness and become the number one reference in the field of HVAC software solutions, the innovative scale-up hired Evoke as a PR partner.

Establishing partnerships through publicity

After Hysopt initially focused primarily on direct sales to manufacturers, in recent years, the focus has shifted to building relationships with installation companies, facility managers and engineering firms. PR can be a valuable tool for positioning Hysopt as the software solution for potential partners. We do this by increasing publicity and thus sharing her thought leadership. One example is our press release about a recent investment round that raised 5.3 million euros, generating both national and international publicity. This is what Hysopt sees in the market as a technological force to be reckoned with.

Digital twin

Central to our PR strategy is the digital twin solution that Hysopt developed for larger HVAC installations. This software allows you to predict the behavior and performance of these installations before the actual construction phase. Through optimization, an average of 30% energy savings and 40% emission reduction can be achieved. Indeed, one of Hysopt's main objectives is to drastically reduce our collective CO² emissions.


The unique nature of the Hysopt solution, combined with the environmental and economic effects, form the basis for our PR strategy. Our goal is to raise awareness and explain the importance of HVAC system optimization to the public and potential customers, through interviews and press releases, as well as customer stories and testimonials with concrete data and figures. To support our PR strategy and allow the Hysopt team to introduce themselves, we recorded an introductory video in their new office. This covers the three different departments. This video can be used on their own website and social media channels.

After years of study and development, Hysopt can finally redeem its investments. As a PR partner, we are happy to contribute to this.

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