PR retainer for Chevron


Driving home Texaco’s messaging in Belgium and the Netherlands

Media planning & PR support

Texaco has been working with the Automotive PR network for quite a few years now. In 2016, Evoke stepped in and has been helping Texaco with all their press and media needs. We're not just in charge of promoting the Texaco brand, we also handle communication for brands like Delo, Havoline, HDAX and Techron. We send out press releases, set up interviews and write blogs. Plus, we make an annual media plan for Belgium and Netherlands. By keeping in touch with magazines, we make sure ads or advertorials are delivered on time, and handle all the admin that comes with it.

One of the events we support on every year is the Transport and Logistics Awards. It's organized by Belgian trade outlet Transport Media and every year it's quite the fuzz for anyone in the transport and logistics industry. It takes a lot to make it happen, but Texaco has been the main partner of the event for years. Evoke takes care of negotiating the sponsorship package and handling all the details. We create content, make sure Texaco is visible before, during and after the event, and keep in touch with all the Texaco customers who attend.

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