Market launch OMODA 5 & J7


Ahead in the race through powerful communication

Chery is one of China's major private car manufacturers and the country's largest car exporter. The corporation plans to launch two daughter brands in Belgium in 2024, OMODA and JAECOO. As a good beginning is half the battle, the goal was to generate maximum media exposure before their launch of the models ‘OMODA 5’ and ‘J7’ on the Belgian market. We were happy to help.

From trade magazines to general media

Our objective was crystal clear: introducing OMODA 5 and J7 to the Belgian public. PR is a long-term game, but even in the game of PR, hard news remains king. Through the strategic deployment of two meticulously crafted local press releases and targeted pitching, we successfully heralded the launch of both models. Our efforts yielded an impressive tally of fifty clippings across pertinent media outlets, spanning from trade magazines to general press, both online and in print. A few noteworthy examples are publications in Het Laatste Nieuws, La Dernière Heure and Go Car. We also managed to secure three tier one journalists to participate in a press trip to Chery's headquarters in China, providing them with an unparalleled opportunity to acquaint themselves with the brand and experience test drives of both models firsthand.

Keeping the conversation alive on socials

Next to traditional media, social media also play a crucial role in this era of digital transformation. Recognizing this, we actively maintained engagement on Instagram and Facebook. Through consistent posting several times a week, we strategically aligned with themed days and local trends, while also introducing the OMODA 5 with all its features in detail. Our strategy extended beyond mere promotion, fostering a community where enthusiasts could interact, ask questions, and share their experiences with the brand.

Ambitious plans for the future 

After this launch, OMODA and JAECOO got mentioned in even more articles, showing growing name recognition and brand awareness. Now, it is time to capitalize on this momentum, leveraging this newfound prominence to elevate these brands to unprecedented heights and firmly establish them on the map like never before.

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