Content creation for EDI


Revving up EDI’s online presence

SEO content creation

After its conception in 2020 EDI (Electric by D’Ieteren) has grown into one of the biggest providers of EV charging solutions for private and commercial use on the Belgian market. In 2021 it sold nearly 5000 charging stations. This year the scale-up has the ambition to double this amount. In doing so, the company plays an important role in supporting the all-important electric switch on Belgian roads.

Blog creation

When you have claims to the spot of market leader in Belgium, you want your presence and image to match the numbers. A look at the EDI website will quickly tell you why and how EDI has garnered its commercial success. Bulking with expertise, the website offers more than just the typical pages filled with information. EDI’s dedicated blog section boasts a range of in-depth blog articles that answer an array of frequently asked questions. Moreover, these blog articles are written while considering search engine optimisation (SEO), using keywords, meta descriptions and backlinks. Writing SEO-proof blog articles positions the EDI-website at the top of search engine results for key topics like ‘charging station’, ‘electrical vehicle’ or ‘charging solutions’.

SEO writing

In collaboration with EDI’s marketing team, our copywriters help to define relevant topics for blog articles. We host an intake meeting in which we delve deep into the subject matter, so we can draft an interesting and elaborate article that touches upon as many aspects of the topic as possible. While writing we take into account general SEO rules as well as specific SEO traits for EDI, based on the structure of the website and the target audience.

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