Press relations

No message as strong as an article in the newspaper or reportage on TV that tells that your product or company is scoring.

Press relations

"Advertising is saying you're good. PR is getting someone else to say you're good. "

For a company, nothing is more important than a good image. While advertising is one way to achieve this, being able to count on quality PR is so much more valuable. No message as strong as an article in the newspaper or reportage on TV that tells you that your product or company is scoring.

The press is, just like a blog or newsletter, a medium to bring your content to the customer as a company, but has one extra big advantage: you do not have to do it yourself, which only increases your credibility.

Although public relations can be interpreted very broadly, we at Evoke mainly specialize in press relations. Contact with journalists goes further than just an e-mail address in a database. Through our years of experience we have built a strong relationship with our press contacts. This way we bring your story to the right journalist.

Our approach

Based on the message and the target audience, we determine in advance a sophisticated PR strategy. Together with you, we discuss which mix of communication tools is suitable for your message. This way you will not be faced with surprises in terms of timing and budget.

After we have determined the right PR strategy, we get down to work. Our copywriters write your news, after which our PR consultants know how to approach the right journalist. Together we ensure that your message is read, heard or seen.

Curious what we can do for you? Call us on +32 2 740 43 32 or send an e-mail to info@evokepr.be.

Customer story

Have you completed a nice project? Or are you proud of an unique collaboration? A customer story is an excellent way to get the word out.

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Have you just finished a project? Do you know what is going on in your sector? Do you have a new service or promotion that you want to put in the spotlights? Keep your customers and partners up to date with a newsletter!

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What do you want to tell, but above all: What does your target audience want to read? We determine the right medium based on your message and target audience.

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Opinion article

In addition to an article, interview or customer story, an opinion article is also a way to get into the press. You do not show your product or service, but your expertise and knowledge by giving your substantiated opinion on a current topic.

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Do you regularly visit customers to explain your products and services? Or are you attending a fair? Then a brochure could be a good idea. It can be about your company in general or just explain a specific product category.

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Crisis communication

"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it." Do not hide during a crisis, but communicate thoughtfully and efficiently.

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Influencer Engagement

Social influencers can no longer be ignored in a strategic PR approach. Thanks to our years of experience, we gathered many valuable contacts from known bloggers in various fields: food, technology, mobility ...

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Media training

With a tailor-made media training, we teach you and your colleagues how to speak to the press in a well-prepared and confident way.

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In the digital age, blogs are everywhere. Wether through news sites, LinkedIn, newsletters or social media, a blog is an effective way to reach your target audience. It has therefore become the tool you need as a company in your marketing mix.

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