Media training

With a tailor-made media training, we teach you and your colleagues how to speak to the press in a well-prepared and confident way.

Media training

Do you get nervous at the thought of a microphone or do you talk to every journalist with ease? As the face of your company or organization, it is important to be confident in front of a journalist with camera and microphone or with pen and paper. 

What do you learn during a media training?

During a media training you learn how to convey your message in a confident way. Being confident in front of the camera is not only an asset for yourself, but also for your company. Anyone who conveys his message confidently is more credible for the target audience.

The secret of a good interview is good preparation. Those who are well prepared and have thought about their core message, gain more control over the interview. During our interactive media training you learn how to prepare optimally, how to structure your answers and how to clearly formulate them so you can easily answer difficult questions from journalists.

Finally, not only the content of your message is important, but details such as your attitude and articulation determine the perception of the audience. By analyzing audio or film fragments, we determine your focus points. This way you will soon be a confident spokesperson.

Our approach

A media training takes about half a day and is filled with a bit of theory but especially with a lot of practice. We pay attention to interview techniques, formative methods and camera training. The media training can be followed individually or in group, with or without lunch, at a location of your choice. A good rehearsal and a nice group moment!

For whom?

From new employees to experienced spokespersons, everyone who has contact with the press can follow a media training with us. We tailor our media training to your questions and needs.


Press relations: your company or product in the press 

  • What is news? How do journalists gather their information?
  • How do you get your message in the press?
  • How do you build a long term relationship with journalists?

Interview techniques

  • Basic tips for a good interview
  • How do you decide your key messages?
  • Interview in front of a camera
  • Discussion

For more information and the cost price, please contact us by phone (+32 2 740 43 32) or e-mail (info@evokepr.be). We will work out a tailored proposal.

Press relations

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Opinion article

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Crisis communication

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