SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting

What good is you new company website if it can't be found online? In a digital world in which every company has now claimed a piece of the worldwide web, the competition is fierce. SEO and SEO copywriting are therefore a real must to make your website the best possible sales tool.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the science that guarantees that your website is found online via Google. The search engine takes into account three factors:

  • The relevance of your webpage in relation to the search
  • The number of links that other websites use to direct visitors to your website
  • Possible technical problems of your website

In order to boost the relevance of your web page, SEO copywriting is a must. With the help of SEO copywriting, we ensure that your website gets the attention it deserves online. After analyzing the keywords used within your work domain, we work out the content of your website.

SEO copywriting is the art to link practical text to the right information bundled in a coherent story. That is why we ensure an effective content mix that boosts your website on Google but is just as much focused on the story of your company and your target audience. For example, thanks to SEO copywriting, we bring a clear and attractive professional message without being cheaply commercialized.

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