VLAM, Evoke & Bruegel

On the occasion of the Bruegel year, VLAM wanted to put the well-known flans in the spotlight. VLAM issued a pitch for various PR agencies. Evoke won the pitch with the best approach and provided a lot of attention through press, social media and VLAM's own channels.

VLAM is the Flemish Center for Agro and Fisheries Marketing. In February, the organization asked several agencies to propose an approach around the Bruegel year and the flans, the well-known regional products from Lier, Aalst and Limburg. Evoke was able to convince the jury with an original approach that would provide the necessary attention via press, social media and VLAM's own communication channels. 

Before we started, we developed a logo with an appropriate corporate identity for the campaign.

Organization of a consultation round

Together with VLAM, we searched for the original recipe of the flans that can be seen on one of Bruegel's paintings. Could these flans have been made according to the recipe of Lier, Aalst or Limburg? We started in March with a roundtable discussion where we brought some experts together. They would have to decide which flan was the real flan of Bruegel. The outcome of their deliberation would be announced during a press conference in May. A first press release was distributed about the organization of the roundtable discussion and it immediately drew attention in the newspapers Het Nieuwsblad and Het Laatste Nieuws, among others. 

Social media and blogs

To bridge the period between March and May, we focused on social media. To make the link to the current tradition of baking flans, we visited 5 avid bakers who still bake flans according to their own family recipe. The videos were accompanied by a blog and posted on Facebook and on the website of VLAM. 

Press conference

In May the press conference took place in Utopia, the library of Aalst. In the presence of, among others, VRT NWS, Radio 2, Het Laatste Nieuws, Het Nieuwsblad and TV Oost, the findings of the roundtable discussion were unveiled. VLAM was satisfied with the very successful PR campaign that generated a lot of attention for the flans over a period of three months across various channels. Mission accomplished!

Uman.ai in the picture

Uman.ai, a Belgian startup from Ghent, has just completed a venture round of half a million euros. They trusted Evoke to make this news public through the press.

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LynxCare chooses Evoke

LynxCare is a Belgian scale-up that focuses on value-based healthcare. The team consists of professional care providers on the one hand and data scientists on the other hand.

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PR for databot pioneers

Teroco is a start-up from Herentals and wants to put itself on the map in Belgium as a databot pioneer. To get on the radar of Belgian journalists and the Belgian business public, they rely on Evoke's PR expertise.

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ML6 chooses Evoke

ML6 is a young Ghent-based company that specializes in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. After a first successful collaboration at the end of 2018, ML6 decided to use the PR expertise of Evoke on a fixed monthly basis.

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Beethoven Anniversary Year

In 2020 it will be exactly 250 years since Beethoven was born. Beethoven specialist Jan Caeyers and Le Concert Olympique count on Evoke for maximum press attention.

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imec.istart and Evoke

Evoke announces that it will become a PR partner within imec.istart, imec's business accelerator program.

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My-Trucks goes international

My-Trucks was founded in 2012 by three entrepreneurs who were active in the distribution, banking and insurance sectors. In the first year, 22 trucks were sold. Seven years later they were able to hand over the key to their 1000th truck. To announce this news in the Benelux and France, the company contacted Evoke.

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WDP counts on Evoke

The listed WDP was looking for a PR partner for its financial communication in Romania. Thanks to the various international networks to which Evoke belongs, we quickly found the right partner on site.

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Influencer marketing for Cellularline

Cellularline is the European market leader in the development of accessories for tablets and smartphones. They have been choosing Evoke for two years to maintain relations with the press and influencers. We do this together with our Dutch partner En Serio.

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Podcast for Sales Coach

Jan Roel van Rhee is one of the best Sales Coaches in Flanders. He relies on Evoke to build more brand awareness. We do this by using press communication, content marketing and ... podcasts.

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ML6 and Saroléa

Saroléa and ML6, specialized in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, created a scoop in the motorcycle world. The MANX7, the latest fully electric model of the vintage motorcycle brand that will soon be rolling off the assembly line, is equipped with Waizu from ML6. Evoke provided the necessary press attention.

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Press relations for De Hoorn

De Hoorn in Leuven radiates history. It is the place where the very first Stella was brewed. The large copper kettles in one of the event halls still bear witness to this. De Hoorn is well known to the many creative companies that have their offices there, but the general public still knows too little about the fantastic location. That is why the management contacted Evoke to let the general public know that the size of the workhub is being doubled.

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PR for Duravit

Duravit organized a competition for several PR agencies. Evoke managed to convince the company with a creative and goal-oriented approach.

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Cegelec & Evoke on fire

Cegelec Fire Solutions and Fire Engineered Solution Ghent installed a large test setup at Campus Vesta to test the effect of sprinkler systems in an underground parking lot. Evoke invited the press and provided the necessary press coverage in the national and professional press.

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Transport & logistics

Evoke also operates under the name Automotive PR Benelux. Companies such as WDP, DSV, Hödlmayr and Chevron rely on our expertise to see their name and services appear in the press.

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Pulse Foundation launches BEyond

Pulse Foundation is a foundation founded by some of our country's most prosperous families. The foundation contacted PR agency Evoke to announce the BEyond program.

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Coffee & Coach

Werk met Zin is an organization that has been providing quality career guidance for employees, students and organizations for many years. To launch their latest "Coffee & Coach" concept nationally, they first grabbed a coffee with Evoke.

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Thonon counts on Evoke

Thonon's interior design experts are widely known for their craftsmanship and eye for detail. They rely on Evoke's expertise to communicate with their customers.

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Evoke launches Luxury Outlet

Top entrepreneur Steven Deduytsche has launched a brand new outlet platform. He and his team rely on Evoke's expertise for the platform's PR.

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Crystal clear communication for Group Vrebos

Group Vrebos has over thirty years of experience in installing windows, doors and porches. They count on Evoke for the communication with their customers.

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Online content for Chubb Security Systems

Chubb Security Systems, the well-known specialist in burglary protection and fire detection, recently opted for a facelift of their website with a new design and a lot of new content.

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Evoke and VLAM select the Chef Patat 2017

Our potato deserves a little more attention. Therefore, Evoke, together with VLAM and Prophets, went looking for the Chef Patat of 2017.

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De Overmolen in the spotlights

PR agency Evoke drew attention to the 20th anniversary of vzw de Overmolen.

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Strong partnership with CO2Logic

PR agency Evoke brings CO2Logic to the attention of the Belgian and international press thanks to frequent press releases, blogs and opinion pieces.

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Annual report Red Cross

Rode Kruis-Vlaanderen contacted us for the copy of their 2016 annual report.

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Storytelling for Pralon

After we secured a lot of coverage in lifestyle media, we took a different approach and brought the story of Hugo as a 69 year old starter.

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Roundtable discussion with Febiac

Febiac sent us on a mission: Establish the motorcycle as part of the solution for the current mobility issues.

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Siemens' Digital Factory 4.0

After successful demos in China and the US, the Siemens Digital Factory Tour stopped in Huizingen.

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DigiGirlz: Women take charge at Microsoft

Girls in IT: why not?

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All the way for Royce’ Europe

PR agency Evoke introduces Japanese chocolatier in Europe

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Roundtable discussion with Fortinet

Fortinet shares expertise on GDPR during a roundtable discussion organized by Evoke.

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Christmas first for AG Insurance

PR agency Evoke draws attention to Christmas stunts from E-demonstrations and AG Insurance with several newspaper articles.

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Launch Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft and PR agency Evoke launch Surface Pro 4 in Leuven.

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Evoke and Telenet elect most hospitable streets of Flanders

Three 'Zonder Draad Straten' ("No Cable Streets") are rewarded.

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Evoke and Piet Huysentruyt pull out all stops for Lidl

Lidl hired Evoke to highlight their end-of-year range with a nationally well-received stunt.

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