Have you just finished a project? Do you know what is going on in your sector? Do you have a new service or promotion that you want to put in the spotlights? Keep your customers and partners up to date with a newsletter!

An online newsletter is an ideal platform to show your achievements to your loyal customers and to the most recent prospects. You do not only put yourself in the spotlight, but you also keep a connection with your customers. Inform them, for example, monthly or quarterly of what is happening in your company and how they can benefit from it. Moreover, a newsletter is the ideal way to generate traffic to your website and teaches you a lot about your target audience.

Would you like to publish a (monthly) newsletter? Evoke is happy to help you!

Our approach

First, we decide when and at which frequency we will send a newsletter. It is a good thing to update your customers on a regular basis, but a daily newsletter is not recommended.

For all our customers we use Mailchimp to send their newsletters. We take care of a nice layout and upload your contact database on this handy platform. A nice basis to get started and to target your audience. 

Then we start writing. What do you wish to share? A promotion? A new product or project? Or did you strengthen your team and wish to highlight this added value? Everything is possible. We provide neat content and, if necessary, an English and / or French translation.

And... Send! We choose an ideal time to send your newsletter. Afterwards, thanks to Mailchimp, we can monitor who has opened your newsletter, which links have been clicked and who has watched the newsletter more than once.

Would you like to know more about the power of a good newsletter? Or would you like to appeal to Evoke for the preparation, writing and sending of your newsletter? Let us know: +32 2 740 43 32 or info@evokepr.be

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