Media training

As the face of your company you have to exude confidence and make sure you won’t be influenced by a journalist with pen and paper or a mic and camera.

The content is important, yet details such as attitude, demeanor and articulation have a major impact on how the audience perceives you. With a media training custom-fit for your needs we prepare you and your colleagues how to talk to the press well-prepared and with confidence. 

Our approach

A media training session takes about half a day of your time and is filled with a bit of theory and a lot of practical examples focussing on interview techniques, methods of formulating and camera training. A media training can be done individually or in group, with or without lunch on a location of your choosing. It's a fine rehearsal for the real deal and a team building exercise!

Contact us for more information: +32 2 740 43 32 or info@evokepr.be.

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