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Do you get weak in the knees at the thought of a microphone or do you talk to every journalist with ease? As the face of your company or organization, it is important to not to be taken aback by a journalist with a camera and microphone or pen and paper.

What do you learn during a media training?

Our media coach teaches you how to convey your message in a confident way. Being confident about the camera is not only an asset for yourself, but also for your company. Anyone who conveys his message confidently is also more credible for the target audience.

In addition, the secret of a good interview is a good preparation. Those who are well prepared and have thought about their core message in advance automatically have more control during the interview. Our media coach teaches you how to come prepared and how to structure your answers and clearly formulate them so that you can easily answer any difficult question from journalists.

Finally, not only the content of your message is important, but details such as your attitude and articulation also determine the perception of the audience. By listening to or rewatching fragments our media coach analyzes what needs to be improved. In this way you will soon speak with confidence to the press.

What is our approach?

A training with our media coach takes about half a day and is filled with a bit of theory but mostly a lot of practice with attention to interview techniques, formative methods and camera training. The media training can be followed individually or in group, with or without lunch, at a location of your choice. A good rehearsal and a nice group moment!

For whom?

From novice employees to experienced people in the profession, our media coach supports everyone who comes into contact with the press. We tailor our media training to your questions and needs.


Press relations: your company or product in the press
  • What is news? How do journalists go about their news gathering?
  • How do you get your message in the press?
  • How do you build a long-term relationship with journalists?
  • Interview techniques
Basic tips for a good interview
  • How do you put together your key messages
  • Interview for the camera
  • Discussion

Contact us for information: +32 2 740 43 32 of info@evokepr.be

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