Customer story

Customer story

Have you completed a nice project? Are you proud of a new successful collaboration with an interesting company or big name on the market that is completely satisfied with your products or services? Then a customer story is an excellent way to get the word out, for example on your website, printed in your quotation folders or even in the press.

You can tell how good your service portfolio is or how your products are of high quality, but if your customers do this for you, this is just as credible. So count on Evoke to show your added value in an informative and convincing customer story.

Our approach

You have a nice project or unique collaboration you want to show and your customer is willing to collaborate with your customer story. Obviously, because your case study also means good publicity for him or her.

Based on an intake interview, we compile a list of questions that we will ask your client during the actual interview. This way you can indicate what you would like to hear from your customer. Which services or products do they use? How did this go in the past and how are things better now? What is the impact on their operation or sales? How do they see the future?

Once on location, we sit down at the table with your client and do the interview. If you wish so, we will bring a photographer to take pictures of the location, the products or a handshake between both parties.

Afterwards we write out the customer story completely, possibly according to a specific style guide. We provide a clear structure, an attractive title and fascinating featured quotes that help your customer to highlight your services. If you submit the customer story as an advertorial with a magazine, we also take into account the number of characters. You and your customer will of course be given the opportunity to give feedback. After the last adjustments we send it out to the press or you can share it with new customers.

Would you like more information about customer stories and how we can help you with this? Give us a call: +32 2 740 43 32 or info@evokepr.be

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