A fine text is like a nice fresh Jupiler fresh from the tap in cafe In den Congo in Vossem: it tastes like more. A good copywriter immediately knows how to attract the reader's attention and hold it. He always knows how to turn the customer's message into a clear and credible story, professional yet accessible.

That is why our copywriter does not only listen to what you have to tell as a customer, but also who needs to read it. Based on the target audience, he draws up the necessary language registers. This way he knows time and time again to pack that what you would like to tell in something that people would like to read. Do we send a newsletter about a new product from the local window and door manufacturer? Then a commercial approach is certainly not out of the question. Do we write a blog about a cool brand with a young fan base? Then it may be somewhat looser. Shall we write a press release about the opening of a new wind farm? Bells and whistles are out of the question. Here, clarity prevails over excellence. Does our copywriter use an opinion pice to target the commuting entrepreneur with De Tijd under his arm? Then the message needs to be clear.

The copywriter therefore plays an important role in determining your tone-of-voice. In this way we substantiate the individuality of your company and we ensure that your target group can more easily identify with you, your services or your product. Your own corporate identity makes your brand recognizable, but this also applies to your texts. Our copywriter ensures that your texts fit perfectly with your company.

Contact us for more information: +32 2 740 43 32 of info@evokepr.be

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