Content Marketing

PR and content marketing have melted together. Yet while in public relations the message is being pushed to the target audience, there is no such one-way traffic in the field of content marketing. People themselves are on the lookout for relevant content, often online.

Evoke helps you determine your goals and target audience and uses these as the basis to create relevant content. There is a wide array of possibilities. Newsletters, white papers, business cases, social media, an attractive leaflet … All possible media to achieve your goals such as lead generation, image building and brand awareness.


A clear message. Decent copywriting is a key factor in the means of communication to profile your company as professionally, clearly and credibly as possible. What is your message? Your target audience? These elements determine the right tone-of-voice, the way you wish to address them. Do you want a website that is up there with the best? Then you need decent SEO copywriting. Whether for newsletters, brochures, white papers, websites, social media or business cases, Evoke has a way with words.


Do you have a new product you wish to unveil? A new service or promotion? What is the latest news in your business? Stay top-of-mind and show your clients and partners you have the necessary expertise with an attractive newsletter! You decide on the content, we take care of the copywriting and even the graphic design we can manage. And pressing ‘send’? No problem for us.

Social media

It’s important to close the gap between yourself as a company and your target audience. To show involvement and concern and to take part in the conversation. The perfect tools to achieve this are social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Put on display what you have to offer, create interaction with prizes and giveaways, announce promotions and new products, answer questions and learn directly through your audience how and where to improve your services. Evoke gladly serves as your partner for your business conversation management.


Videoclips remain a strong medium to get your message across to your target audience. You wish to announce a promotion or put a new product in the spotlight? Or maybe you have fine testimonial? Evoke is your go-to partner for live action as well as animation. Based on your input, we build the script. We set up the storyboard and deliver the copywriting. While always keeping an eye on the budget and deadline. Action!

Contact us for more information: +32 2 740 43 32 of info@evokepr.be.

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